Graphics Software for ARM Linux

Application ColorCorrection Video ARM Arch Paint Description
DarkTable Yes No Prelim/Devel only? Mask only? Photo edit – Strong CC
Gimp Yes As Animation Yes Yes Paint/Photo Edit
Inkscape Some No Yes Yes Vector Graphics
DaVinci* Yes Yes No No Film Finishing
Krita Yes As Animation Yes Yes Strong Drawing, also Photo edit
Blender Yes As MJPEG, others Yes Yes 2D/3D Drawing, Video edit
Lightworks* Yes Yes No Mask only? NLE for Video
Natron Yes Yes No ? Video Clip Ed, multi

Table 1: Some of the attributes of Linux Graphics software **

Note that table 1 is not at all inclusive of every known graphics software project, but is an enumeration of a few projects that I am aware of and that have some substantial following of users.  I won’t vouch for the absolute accuracy of the feature list, as I’ve used only one of these packages very intensively, and most of them not at all. I would advise to check out the features of the various projects, and make you own determination as to which may be a good choice to try. For the most part, the items are free, so there shouldn’t be much downside to a trial and error approach to this.

** Some Linux software not available on ARM included for reference

Lightworks is a product that can be found at, developed by EditShare LLC, and is not affiliated with this site or author in any way. Davinci Resolve is a product of Black Magic Design, at and is not related to this author or site in any way. The developers of DarkTable are at but are not affiliated with this author or site in any way. Krita resides at, is looked after by the Krita Foundation, and has nothing to do with this site or author. Blender is a product that may be found at, and trademarked by the Blender Foundation in the US and EU. This site and author has no affiliation with Blender. Gimp is developed by the Gimp development team, resides at, and has no relationship with this author or site. The Inkscape trademark is part of the Software Freedom Conservancy group, and this author and site have no affiliation with them.

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