Cameras for MJPEG

Inexpensive “bridge” cameras are shown in figure 1.   Some of them have the ability to create MJPEG videos:

Camera Make Price Example Zoom Level Sensor Size Raw MJPEG MP4
Panasonic FZ1000 < ~$800 16X ~1.0 yes-only stills AVCHD instead yes
FujiFilm S8600 < ~$200 36X ~ .5 no yes no
Panasonic FZ70 < ~$275 60X ~ .5 yes-stills only AVCHD instead yes
Nikon P900 < ~$700 83X ~ .5 no no MOV instead
Canon SX-60 < ~$475 60X ~ .5 yes-stills only no yes
Panasonic LZ30 < ~$300 35X ~ .5 no yes no

Table 1:  Costs are a very approximate sampling. Except for the raw format, the still image formats are not described. 

The info in table 1 shows that (of the listed “bridge” cameras) only the S8600 and LZ30 have the MJPEG movie option. Newer cameras have been excluding if they include MP4. Some brand’s older cameras do have MJPEG capability.  I’d actually pay a little bit of a premium for the MJPEG, because it’s a little hard to locate cameras that provide that format.  In table 2 (below) I’ve listed a couple DSLR cameras that provide the MJPEG video output format.  The Panasonic LZ30 “bridge” is mostly going to be found on the used market now, having been introduced in 2013 IIRC.

DSLR cameras that have MJPEG capability:

Camera Make Price Example Zoom Level Sensor Size Raw MJPEG MP4
Pentax K-5 < ~$1600 new Removable Lens ~ .9 x.6 yes-stills only yes no
Canon 5D Mark IV < ~$3000 (new) Any, with req lens ~1.37 yes-only stills MJPEG – Yes Full HD only

Table 2: The older K-5 for reference – lower cost DSLR still found used

In table 2 is shown a lower cost Pentax K-5 DSLR for reference. Unlike most bridge cameras, it has a mount for removable lenses, as do most DSLR cameras, so the telephoto “zoom” magnification is determined by the lens you put on it.  I’ve seen this camera for around $400 on the used market.  The MJPEG video format is big for me, so this is something I might try, albeit it is eight year old tech at this point. Notice the sensor is somewhat bigger than on the bulk of the bridge cameras, which is another attribute of a typical DSLR.

Edit: I did finally pick up one of the K5 cameras, used, and now it has supplanted the S8600 for video around here.  Its 1080p MJPEG is nice.  I have another blog article that includes some hints for using it to create video.

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