Video Editing on the Cheap 1

Figure 1: Blender adds a little red for “color correction” of the fur to gold

The Blender software is available at – and is great software.  This site and author has no affiliation with that project.

Many people don’t know that Blender can be used as a non linear video editor, with some nice features like color grading, wiping, fading, and other special effects.   Many people use the program for things that are not video, and so a potential user of Blender for NLE might not think to try it.  I’ve put together a series of clips for a quick-hit list that sets up the NLE editing session for the purpose of brightening and color-correcting a video of my dog Hutch, undershot as usual, due to the video being shot indoors.

The Quick Setup

Figure 2: Launching the program results in this initial screen.

My particular build of the program (or, at least, the build that the screenshots were taken from) – is for FreeBSD.  But the program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.  Launching the program results in the screen shown in figure 2 (I clicked past the splash screen).  My next step was to put the program into video editing mode.  That was done by selecting the video edit mode from the drop-down combo box at the top of the screen:

Figure 3: The drop-down combo box allows the user to select the “Video Editing” mode for the program as a whole.

Next, one of the panels must be set to the Video Sequence Editor mode (VSE).  That is done by clicking the icon on one of the panels.  In my case, I clicked on the lower one: 

Figure 4: Clicking on the panel icon allows the “Video Sequence Editor” mode to be selected for that particular panel.

Next, another panel must be selected to use in “Properties Editor” mode.  I clicked the icon on the middle left of the screen, as shown below, to set a panel to the properties editor mode:

Figure 5:  A panel is set to be used in “Properties Editor” mode.

The next thing I did was to change the properties that were displayed in the newly adapted properties panel to the needed values that I wanted to be applied to my video session. The fonts in figure 6 are hard to see, but I’ve set the size to 1280×720, and I’ve set the percentage to 100 percent (this is very important, because the default value is 50 percent, which will create a half size video).  I set the frame rate to 30 fps. I disabled anti-aliasing and all the shading options, and set the aspect to 4/3:

Figure 6: A number of properties are set, such as size (1280×720).

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