Youtube Video Blog Shot

OK, so I finally tried it. I tried to make a facetime Youtube video. I purchased all the equipment, studied up on all the techniques, and let it roll. Good golly. I’m just not photogenic. Maybe twenty or thirty years ago I could have been video-friendly enough for Youtube, but the recent result was just not very palatable. If I could barely look at it, I’m sure other viewers would not have had more luck with their own eyeballs.

Most of the videos on Youtube have been done by youthful video bloggers.  I’m beginning to understand the reason that old actors retire.  The reason might be the same as mine.  I consider myself video-retired.

But, all disappointments ultimately have some benefit, somewhere.  I learned quite a bit more about taking videos in general, by all of my study and product purchases.  So, i can still make videos, but they’ll be the ones where I’m not in them.

Some of my favorite Youtubers are rarely in their own videos.  It kinda depends on the content, but video blogging can be about the other people, places, and things.

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